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Foxtail Fern


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Boasting an unusual look for an evergreen, the Foxtail Fern is a truly unique addition to your landscaping. Featuring long Pony Tail Fern style stems with a lot of soft, needle-like leaves that point up in thick, curving branches, the Foxtail Fern isn’t a plant for the unadventurous gardener. Truly capable of adding a whimsical quality to any area you decide to place it in, it looks it’s best in a hanging basket or border so it can really grow free to its true potential of about 2 feet tall and 2-3 feet wide. Preferring placement that receives partial shade to partial sun and a moist, but not soggy, soil, you’ll love this fun plant for the little bit of care it requires and its prized foliage. Every fall the amazing Foxtail Fern grows striking red ornamental berries that add that touch of color to your fall/winter garden look.


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  • Do you sell this Fern in any smaller pot? And amount?

    We currently don't have the foxtail fern in a smaller pot. But we will soon.