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Double Knock Out Roses Are Popular for a Reason

Eric Smith

Posted on July 05 2019

Double Knock Out Roses Are Beautiful, Easy, and Hardy

There are many reasons the Double Knock Out Roses so popular. For starters, they’re extremely cold hardy and heat resistant. Double Knock Out Roses are recommended for growing zones 5 through 10, but they can survive frosts and temperatures down to 10 degrees. These tough roses can also handle the heat and they’re disease and pest resistant.

Double Knock Out Roses Beauty

However, the most popular reason for planting Double Knock Out Roses are the gorgeous blooms. They have a lot of large, thick, bright and beautiful blooms. Their blooming season is one of the longest blooming seasons out of any rose bush. Double Knock Out Roses start to bloom early in the spring and last until the first frost.

Planting Double Knock Out Roses

The first step for properly maintaining Double Knock Out Rose Bushes is to plant them in the right location. This flowering shrub thrives in areas that receive full to partial sunlight and prefer at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. Look for afternoon shade as opposed to morning shade. Make sure that your roses don’t sit in a low area of your yard that collects a lot of water runoff, or where standing water collects. If you’re roses are potted and kept indoors, place them by a large, sunny window.

Double Knock Out Roses will adapt to a variety of soils as long as the soil is well-drained. Your natural soil will be great for your roses. If you’re concerned that your soil is too sandy, mix it with a bag of planting mix that specifically says that it’s for roses. If your soil seems too heavy with clay, mix it with a fine potting mix or sand.

Maintaining Your Double Knock Out Roses

Double Knock Out Roses prefer moist soil that’s not oversaturated. Check on your soil every few days – if it starts to feel dry, then it’s time to give your roses a drink. Most Double Knock Out Roses only need weekly watering, unless there is a period of extreme heat or drought. If your Double Knock Out Roses are kept in a container, make sure that it has drainage holes.

Double Knock Out Roses do need a few nutrients to stay beautiful and healthy. Spread a 3 to 6 inch layer of mulch around their bases. Mulch will give your roses nutrients and help your soil retain moisture longer. Double Knock Out Roses love well-balanced fertilizers, like formula 10-10-10. Give your roses some fertilizer in the late winter or early spring every year after the final freeze, or once your ground has thawed out. You’ll really notice the difference that fertilizer provides once your first round of bright rose blooms.

Even if you plant your Double Knock Out Roses and leave them to maintain themselves, they’ll provide beautiful, fragrant blooms for months. For a healthy start with your Double Knock Out Roses contact Michael’s Nursery.



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