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Shipping & Returns


Shipping live plants sometimes has its challenges when dealing with inclement weather but we strive to have every single order shipped out on their scheduled shipping date. Most orders will be scheduled to ship within 1-2 weeks of ordering. Because a plant needs TLC we only ship out on Mondays-Wednesdays to ensure the plants aren’t stationed somewhere over the weekend with no water or sunlight.

When to Ship:

We can ship out plants at anytime of the year pruned or not pruned, cold or not cold. Each plant’s durabilty is different so we recommend having them shipped in their designated season but we will still ship your plant to you earlier if you choose so.


Because plants are perishable they cannot be returned without prior permission. We work hard to ensure all plants arrive healthy, but on rare occasions issues with the plant health upon delivery do arise.

Every single shipped plant is healthy upon departing our facility but if a plant is received in poor health contact us immediately so that we can assess the problem and work on saving the plant. We will first need a photo of the plant to start a claim. If we determine your plant cannot be recovered we will send you a replacement immediately. If notified of the plants health within 4 days we will send a replacement 100% free of charge.

If you determine the plant not to be healthy 4 days after delivery you can contact us and we will issue a 50% store credit.

30 days after delivery we cannot be held responsible for the current health of the plant.