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4 Reasons Why a Sunshine Ligustrum is The Perfect Plant for Your Yard

Eric Smith

Posted on June 01 2019

Sunshine Ligustrum Adds Warmth and Color to Any Yard

A lot of gardeners and landscapers shy away from privets, but this privet is full of surprises. The Sunshine Ligustrum is a compact in size and flowerless, making it sterile and allergen-free. Sunshine’s appeal is simple, it offers brilliant golden foliage all year long, with little to no elbow grease.

Here are 4 ideas for working a Sunshine Ligustrum into your landscape.

1. Hedge

Sunshine Ligustrum has a dense, upright form perfect for establishing a hedge. Reaching 3 to 6 feet in height, Sunshine reacts well to pruning into a more formal hedge; unpruned plants, when left to grow naturally, create an airy hedgerow of loosely curving stems.

2. Pop of Color

Whether planted singly or repeated throughout a planting, a Sunshine Ligustrum creates a striking accent in the garden. The golden-hued foliage stands out because it brings both contrast and warmth to a predominantly green landscape.

3. Sparks Creativity

Like other Ligustrums, the dense branching and foliage of ‘Sunshine’ take well to pruning and shaping. Let your creative energy flow as you prune ‘Sunshine’ into topiary forms. Try a single globe or ball, square it into a cube, or remove the lower branches to create a low standard. Larger plantings may also be clipped into a tidy, shaped hedge.

4. Plant Vibrant Containers

Thanks to its easily pruned habit, Sunshine Ligustrum performs well in containers. For a contrast in both texture and color, pair ‘Sunshine’ with the coarse foliage of ‘Orange Rocket’ Barberry.

What is more inviting than a wave of golden ‘Sunshine?’ You can even plant a hedge or two on either side of your front door. For a bold statement, create a line of golden foliage leading straight down your driveway! The possibilities are endless and exciting. Make the Sunshine Ligustrum part of your landscape by contacting Michael’s Nursery for expert advice and countless ideas.

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