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Baby Gem Boxwood™

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If you love the evergreen Southern Living™ look for your yard, but don’t want something as tall as a tree or large bush, you won’t find a lovelier, more fitting, option than this fine-looking Baby Gem Boxwood. With a maximum height, and width, of approximately 3 feet each way you can fit this darling evergreen plant in smaller areas that have less room to spare. Both heat and drought tolerant and with a compact, round shape, this Baby Gem Boxwood is incredibly low maintenance and can be left to grow naturally and it looks just as lovely as when it’s pruned and trimmed. Growing well in anything from full sun to partial shade, this deer resistant evergreen plant is sure to add style to your landscaping and does it with ease. PP21159


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  • What is the difference in height between the 1 gallon and the 3 gallon versions of the Baby Gem Boxwoods (from ground level to top - not from bottom of container) when they are shipped? And how long does shipping typically take to Massachusetts? Thanks,

    The 1 Gallon and 3 Gallon Baby Gem Boxwoods are over a year apart in age so they will have more than a foot in difference of height. If you are located in Massachusetts the order will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday to ensure they dont sit in transit over the weekend. Shipping normally takes 3 days once picked up from our location.