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Society Garlic


1 Gallon
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Earning its name thanks to the garlic-like aroma from its leaves and the plant’s clump forming habit, the Society Garlic plant is great for planting in warmer climates since it tolerates the Summer heat especially well and blooms beautifully for months at a time. Boasting urn-shaped blooms just a bit less than an inch long each and grayish-green leaves that look especially great when you plant several of these gorgeous plants together, add some striking color and fragrance to your outdoor areas with one of more of these lovely lily-style plants to the mix. Plant your amazing Society Garlic plants in the ground in warmer climates or in a container in areas with colder times of the year and you can enjoy this incredible plant anywhere any time of the year. *May not arrive with blooms depending on current weather conditions and time of year*


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