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Wintergreen Boxwood


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Cold-hardy and amazingly versatile, the Wintergreen Boxwood is an evergreen shrub boasting bright green foliage when the growth is new and maturing to a deeper green color as it ages. Responding especially well to pruning, the Wintergreen Boxwood is quite commonly trimmed into shapes like spheres and boxes to add unique style and design to a landscaping display. With a potential size of 2-4 feet tall and 3-5 feet wide when planted in the optimal conditions of partial to full sun, in practically any soil condition and with regular watering, this gorgeously green shrub will keep its color all year long unlike other kinds of evergreen plants in your yard. Pest, deer and disease resistant, after you plant this shrub as an accent piece, or even in a row as a bold, lovely hedge, it will quickly become one of your favorite year-long plants.


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