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Autumn Bonfire Azalea™


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Fast growing in an upright position, the applications of the Autumn Bonfire Azalea are numerous. Anyone looking for something that glows need look no further, the fire of the Bonfire Azalea is a great value add to all gardens.

- FAST GROWING: Holding it’s green color all throughout the year, the new Autumn Bonfire Azalea is a great grower with blooms coming to fruition in the summer and fall. 

- DARK FIREY COLORS: With reds that could be stolen from a campfire at night, the semi-double and single blooms are an appealing addition to any garden needing a flare of something spark-like.

- UPRIGHT AND DENSE: With it’s ability to grow well and do so upright, the fiery reds of its flowers stand out wonderfully against the darker green backdrop of the plant’a foliage. With dense growth, this is a striking plant to behold at its full growth. 


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