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Needlepoint Holly


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Well known for its ability to thrive in soil that is often difficult to grow in, capability to resist salt sprays such as when you live near an ocean and ability to grow in harsh locations, this incredible plant can even continue to produce its bright red fruits in times of draught. Capable of growing to an amazing height of 10-25 feet tall and spread of 10-15 feet wide, if you place this lovely Needlepoint Holly in full sun to partial shade for the optimal results. Pest-free and deer resistant thanks to the sharp spines on the ends of the leaves, plant Needlepoint Holly shrubs as a hedge or natural border around your garden or yard to keep your space looking its best. This lovely Holly plant isn’t only beautiful because of its shiny green foliage, it also products a vast amount of bold, red berries that add that perfect pop of color your yard needs.


**plant is subject to be pruned before shipping to ensure it arrives in healthy condition**


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  • Do birds eat the berries?

    Birds do not eat the berries from Needlepoint Holly.