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Big Blue Liriope


1 Gallon
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From the lovely grass-like foliage to the abundant spikes of gorgeous blue flowers and tiny ornamental black berries, this Big Blue Liriope evergreen plant really shines when planted as an edging, or border, or as ground cover. A perennial plant with a moderate grow rate and need for partial sun, following a regular watering schedule during its initial growing season in the ground allows it to establish a deep root system and, therefore, require less watering and care thereafter. Thriving in well-drained soil, taking care of this wonderful plant will allow it to reach its maximum size of 12-15 inches in height and spread, and because its deer resistant you don’t have to worry about your landscaping being eaten. Enjoy its exquisite blooms when they appear in the Summer and spend the rest of the year loving the simple, pretty look of the foliage itself.


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