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Blue Plumbago


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Strong, big, and beautiful. A Plumbago is the perfect plant for anyone looking to add color without fuss, a plant that is inherently pest and disease resistant that also requires little know-how in terms of care. What more needs to be said? Shrubs have never looked so pretty. 

- BIG AND BEAUTIFUL: Technically a shrub, Plumbagos can grow up to 10 feet tall with a spread of 10 feet too! Their flowers are a gentle eye attracting blue that blossom for extended periods of time.

- PEST AND DISEASE RESISTANT: Deer and other pests stay away from it, and it’s also very drought tolerable. 

-GREAT FOUNDATION PLANT: Grown as an evergreen plant, with potentially yearlong blossoms, a Plumbago is perfect to be grown over wood or stone for that beautiful cascade of a waterfall of foliage. 


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