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Blue Pacific Juniper


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If you live in the dry, arid Southwest, or other desert-type climate, finding plant-life that really thrives can be a difficult task. The Blue Pacific Juniper is one that does just that, and with a dense blue-green foliage that’s lovely to look at too. A specifically heat-tolerant variety of evergreen, you can plant this incredible conifer next to walkways, on slopes for erosion control or used to cover unsightly ground level landscaping issues and it will look nice and serve a purpose in any location you decide to place it. To get the most out of this dense, slow-growing beauty, plant it where it can get full sun and see it expand up to a foot tall and 6-7 feet wide, providing a ton of ground cover with very little regular work done from you. Deer resistant and tolerant of a wide variety of conditions, this Juniperus conferta adds elegance to any outdoor space.


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