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Red Double Knock Out Rose


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An incredibly well-known variety of a rose bush made popular by its hardiness, the Double Knockout Rose is also disease and pest resistant. Not only this, but these amazing Double Knockout Roses are incredibly hardy in a wide range of temperatures that go from a low of 10 degrees to highs often found in states like Florida and California. An especially beautiful variety of this gorgeous bush is the Red Double Knockout Rose, and the beautiful flowers stand out stunningly with their red petals and large, thick, bright blooms that extend from the lovely green bush beneath it. Incredibly easy to keep alive and can be planted and grown with little to no maintenance, those born without a green thumb easily keep these striking blooms looking fine. With an average size of 3-4 feet tall by 3-4 feet wide with little help, plant this wonderful bush in partial light and afternoon shade for the best results.


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