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Japanese Yew


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A unique choice for anyone looking for a large evergreen shrub, the Japanese Yew Podocarpus, though it grows somewhat slowly, will eventually reach its maximum size of 4-6 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide when trimmed, even larger when untrimmed. Perfectly suited for use in foundation planting, the deep green, needle-shaped foliage is organized onto dense, irregularly-shaped branches that form themselves into an overall vase shape that adds an elegance to the outside of your home that you won’t get with other types of evergreen shrubs. Give this amazing plant full sun, regular watering and trimming to keep it just the size you need it to be and your Japanese Yew will be sure to flourish and grow to its full potential. Not only does this lovely shrub look nice in the Summer, in the Winter bright red fruits grow as well giving it a Holiday look you won’t easily find for your landscape.

The Podocarpus Jap Yew requires bright indirect light, soil that’s kept moist and fertilizer every few weeks when it’s actively growing in the Spring and Summer months for it to grow and look its best.


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  • I have a yew bush that suddenly started to turn brown Is it ready to die?

    The Japanese Yew will turn brown after a harsh cold front or lack of water. This is an indicator that the Yew needs help quickly before it dies.