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Bicolor Iris


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Capable of use as an annual or a perennial, the Bicolor Iris, also known as the African Iris, has the appearance of a beardless iris with narrow, sword-shaped evergreen leaves and beautiful blooms that last a day and are quickly replaced with new. With a height of up to 2 feet tall and spread of approximately one foot, plant this gorgeous rhizomatous Bicolor Iris in full sun to partial shade and watch it bloom in bursts of two-week intervals with each flower stalk containing several buds on each one. If you want your Bicolor Iris to bloom as much as possible, remove the seed pods as they begin to form, and once flowering is done, you simply cut the flower stem to the ground. To grow this amazing plant in a climate where freezing occurs, simply dig up the rhizomes before the first frost for overwinter storage or grow in a container you can bring inside for cold weather.


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