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Conversation Piece Azalea


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Boasting the perfect name for such a stunning piece of nature, the Conversation Piece Azalea is sure to be just that when guests get the chance to view your amazing yard or garden. With large, vibrantly colored blooms in stunning pinks, reds and whites, even sometimes featuring all three colors on one plant, you’ll love looking at this amazing evergreen from Spring through Fall. The Conversation Piece Azalea is a re-blooming hybrid, so you won’t just get one time of year they bloom; instead you’ll get to watch them bloom over and over again throughout the growing season. Preferring either full sun or partial sun to reach their maximum height of 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide, from the bright green evergreen leaves to the eye-catching flowers that are sure to get your guests talking, you won’t find an easier to grow, pest, disease and deer resistant plant anywhere else.


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  • Are these primary pink, white?

    This conversation piece azalea is primarily pink. It also has red and white blooms.