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Firepower Nandina


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Just as its name suggests, add a few of these amazing evergreen shrubs to your garden and they’re brilliant color will add a touch of red firepower to the overall look. Certainly, one of the most brilliantly colored Nandina’s, the Firepower Nandina’s new foliage begins a lovely green color and as it matures it acquires gorgeous red highlights becoming brilliant red foliage that lasts through the Winter months.  Preferring full sun for its optimal growth of up to 30 inches tall and wide, it’s smaller size and beautiful color make it ideal for landscapes in desperate need of color but without much room to speak of. Plant each Firepower Nandina in pots wherever you want them, in your garden separately for little highlights of color or mass them together for a more powerful, more colorful, display. Bird friendly and easy to care for, add some fire to your yard with the Firepower Nandina.


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