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Harbor Belle Nandina


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With gorgeous, subtle tones of pink in its Spring foliage deepening to beautiful burgundy tones in Fall and Winter, the Harbor Belle Nandina is an attractive dwarf evergreen shrub your landscaping will love. Plus, when you combine the loveliness of the color-changing foliage with the magnificent clusters of tiny white flowers in the Spring that lead to a wealth of bright red berries later on, this amazing shrub will quickly become your landscaping favorite. Small and compact so you can use it in several different areas of your yard, the Harbor Belle Nandina looks its best in a mixed border, as a low hedge, around your foundation or massed together as gorgeous groundcover. With a maximum height of 1-2 feet tall and spread of 1-2 feet wide, put this shrub in partial to full sun and water it regularly, more often in cases of drought, and watch it flourish, even with its small stature. 


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