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Compacta Nandina


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A more manageable, yet still large, evergreen shrub than some of the more spacious varieties, the Compacta Nandina reaches an overall modest height of 4 feet at most making it easier to plant in slightly smaller spaces. Not only is this amazing shrub lovely to look at on its own or planted together as a shorter variety of hedge, it’s also tolerant of poor soil condition with at least adequate drainage and minor care as well as pest and disease resistant. As new foliage grows out in the Spring, it begins with a light red tint that changes to green for the warm months and then becomes r red-bronze in the Winter, so you know it’ll look different, yet gorgeous, all year long. Small white flowers bloom on the ends of the branches in late spring and a multitude of red-orange berries show up with their astounding colors in late Summer and into Winter so you’ll fall in love with this shrub all over again with every passing season. 


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