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Frost Proof Gardenia


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For a beautiful and fragrant addition to your yard, you won’t find a lovelier choice than the Frostproof Gardenia; especially in areas prone to late Spring frosts. From the dark green, shiny foliage to the 2-3-inch-wide striking white flowers, the whole of this amazing evergreen shrub makes a great hedge or foundation plant that will fill your home with outstanding fragrance when they’re planting near your windows. The Frostproof Gardenia is a slow grower, but eventually reaches a size of 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide when grown in partial to full sun and regular watering. Great for container planting if you want to be able to move them around as well as planting in mass anywhere on your property for a sweet-smelling display of pure beauty. Simply prune this stunning shrub in the Summer after flowering and the blooms will last much longer than other flowering shrubs.


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