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Domestica Nandina


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A tall, thin design that won’t outgrow its space or overtake the other plants and shrubs in your yard, the Domestica Nandina, also known as Heavenly Bamboo, is as elegant as it is lovely. Versatile, durable, and perfect to be used in a garden or property border, this amazing evergreen’s look changes dramatically from Spring to Fall. A great look for Asian inspired landscapes, the Domestica Nandina features tiny cream-colored flowers first followed by gorgeously bold bright red berries, allowing you to create an incredibly landscape effect right in your own yard by planting several of these shrubs all around. Grow in full to partial sun to allow the shrub to grow to its full potential of 6-8 feet tall and up to 3 feet wide, simply water more right after planting to establish roots and then, eventually, move to watering only occasionally during normal conditions.


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