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Great for establishing a basic skeleton for the beginning of your garden or filling in gaps in your existing one, any one of the more than 50 different varieties of Elaeagnus shrubs are a simply beautiful addition to any available space you may have in your yard. Featuring unique, olive green leaves with silver or brown scales, a lovely fall-like fragrance and edible fruit, these incredible shrubs will quickly become your year-round favorite. An immensely hardy plant that can stand up to amazingly dry conditions, these fast-growing shrubs make great hedges because they can be planted and grown as fast as possible and they will last long after planting. With flexible sun and shade requirements so you don’t have to worry about where you place it, these wonderful shrubs can also make it through cold weather at least as well as heat.


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  • How tall and wide could the Eleagnus get?

    The Eleagnus on its own can grow to 10-15 feet. If it has support from a fence or tree it can grow up to 30ft tall.
    It makes for a great privacy hedge.

  • Will these work in zone 7 in "mostly shaded" area?

    Eleagnus will grow in zone 7, however Eleagnus needs mostly sunny to thrive.