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Clara Indian Hawthorn


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If you need a strikingly beautiful focal point for your garden area or yard, the Indian Hawthorn evergreen shrub is just what you’ve been looking for. Offering a neat, rounded shape that this amazing plant keeps naturally without pruning, this small, slow-growing shrub is perfect planted close together to create a short hedge, in a line as a border between different sections of your garden or even in containers so you can place them anywhere you want; like your porch or patio areas. Grown best in full sun, but capable of tolerating partial shade, if you plant the Indian Hawthorn shrub in an area with too much shade it loses it’s neat, naturally rounded shape so be careful about where it’s located in reference to the sun. For a small shrub that looks it’s best in Spring with the appearance of its fragrant pink or white flowers, but also looks great all year long, you simply won’t find a better match.


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  • Our plants are getting small black spots on them, what is causing this

    The Clara Indian Hawthorn will develop entomosporium leaf spot from exposure to excessive water or moisture.