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Red Yucca


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The perfect choice for a desert style landscape, the Red Yucca prefers full sun, is drought resistant, and looks its best in a rock garden, as an accent piece or in a container you can keep on your porch if you live in less than desert-like areas. The tall, gorgeous spikes of the Red Yucca have deep pink flowers almost year-round on their tops, and the foliage is especially drought tolerant so it always looks green and full. With a moderate growth rate that allows this lovely evergreen cactus plant’s foliage to grow to a maximum size of 3-4 feet tall and wide with flower stalks that grow approximately 4-6 feet high, your gorgeous Red Yucca will surely add the perfect touch of color and elegance to your one of a kind landscape display.


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  • Will red yucca winter in zone 6

    The red yucca will withstand the winters of zone 6