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Holly Fern

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A popular style of fern due to its incredibly handsome, holly-like foliage that is combined with serious hardiness allowing it to thrive in conditions that are difficult for most plants to even grow in. Thicker than other types of fern, the Holly Fern stands up well to strong breezes, like coastal breezes, much better than other varieties; it also survives well in salty air or saline water making it great for areas near the sea. With tall and stiff fronds of leaflets that are much more holly-like than fern-like with coarse and fringed edges, the Holly Fern is best placed in full to partial shade in a border, as groundcover, in a rock garden or in its own container so you can move it at your leisure. Just water your Holly Fern regularly and well during the first growing season to establish a good root system, then simply water it regularly and enjoy the beauty.


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