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Red Tip Photinia Frazeri

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Featuring beautiful foliage that starts out a bold red color and changes to a deep green as it matures, the lovely Red Tip Photinia Frazeri evergreen shrub offers a striking way to add some color and style to your landscape. Blooming in the Spring with small white flowers that produce charming red fruits that last into Winter, you’ll love the look of this delightful shrub all year long. The Red Tip Photinia prefers living in full sun but can also tolerate partial shade, make sure to plant it in well-drained soil so it isn’t too wet which may affect its growth. The most important part of planting the Red Tip Photinia is knowing that pruning it is absolutely essential to its ability to thrive; you have to provide enough room around the leaves for air movement to be possible or it’s susceptible to a disease known as photinia disease.


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  • How tall will it grow? My wife want a tree not a bush. Was looking at Fraser's photinia which is supposedly the same

    This Red Tip is more of a tree than a bush. It will grow up to 15-20 feet tall

  • I purchased this under the assumption that this is the same as the red tip Bush that can get up to five feet tall or more. Is this not the case?

    Yes the the red tip photinia bush will grow to over 5 feet.