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Sweet Olive Plant


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As large as it is lovely, at an incredible maximum size of 20 feet tall and 6-8 feet wide you’ll want to make sure to plant the Sweet Olive evergreen shrub only where it’s capable of growing to its full potential. Though it prefers at least somewhat fertile soil, the Sweet Olive Osmanthus shrub is adaptable to living in much worse conditions with poor soil and can thrive even with general neglect. Offering an incredible fragrance that you’re going to want to enjoy, planting these shrubs near doors and windows is a great way to enjoy them all day long. For the best results from your Sweet Olive plant just place it in full sun to partial shade in moist to average soil. Great in a row or as part of a hedge, this lovely shrub is covered in small white flowers through Fall, Winter and early Spring, with occasional blooms in the Summer as well.


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  • Can small leaf tea olive be grown in large 10 gal container?

    Yes, we have grown them in 7 and 10 gallon containers.