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Dwarf Yaupon


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If you’re looking for a small, hardy shrub that takes little to no work from you once it’s planted to keep looking good, you simply cannot find a better match for your needs than the Dwarf Yaupon. With a compact size and ability to stay symmetrical without needing to prune, the best locations for planting this lovely shrub are around borders, walkways, and in front of taller, leggy flowers to fill in empty space. Feel free to plant the Dwarf Yaupon any time of year, though it establishes its root system best if planted in early Spring. Tolerant of a wide variety of soil quality and, once planted, capable of being watered only ever few days and it will still thrive in your yard. Add this small, slow-growing plant to your landscaping and you won’t have to worry about it looking good with little effort from you.


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